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"Reality is the raw material for its own transformation, and
adversity can become anything you choose to make it into."

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Nothing more profound or enlightening can be said about dealing with adversity.
     That reality is the raw material for its own transformation is a liberating truth
that was first revealed to me more than thirty-five years ago by a very dear,
wise, and articulate poet named Fred McCuistion. I have pondered this concept
ever since and find it to be true in my life and the lives of others. It is the basis of
my speeches and writings and of the subsequent insights you will receive in these
weekly W-O-W segments
     Reality is given to us by God to transform for our good and the good of
others. We are His co-creators of the future. The implications this has for the
adversities we face in life are obvious: Adversity can become anything you or I
choose to make it into. I have also found this to be true time and again in my
own life and in the lives of those I have helped as an attorney working with
people who are oppressed and beleaguered and even more so as an ordained
minister working with people who are dispirited and despairing.
     But you must also realize that, to transform adversity into a stream of
blessings in your life, there are a series of steps that have to be followed. These
steps, along with certain attitudes you must cultivate in your life, will be provided
to you in these W-O-W insight segments.
     You alone are in charge of your life and you have the God-given power to
find the blessing in every bane, a cause to rejoice in every curse, an unfulfilled
dream in every nightmare. Life is meant to be a celebration, not a struggle.
Become prophetic. Don't just try to foretell your future, but actually make it
happen. Enjoy the prosperity, happiness, and abundance God meant for you.
Ponder this W-O-W insight as I have pondered it.

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