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"Self-pity is the suicide of the soul."

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Someone once said that self-pity is the suicide of the soul. How true.         
     Complaining about things ties you more tightly to the things you complain
about, and self-pity brings you more reasons to pity yourself.
     Some people sit around each day making molds of yesterday’s misery in
which to pour their tomorrows. They’re so familiar with feeling sorry for
themselves that they’re afraid to leave it behind. They cling to this mindset, no
matter how terrible it feels, because it’s their comfort zone. Don’t be like them.
Take the comfort out of your self-pity zone.
     If you are tempted to indulge in self-pity, first ask yourself how you can
expect to go on to something great in life if you continue clinging to the past. Self-
pity is one of the lowest ranks of cowardice, and God doesn’t entrust the future
to cowards. You must stop hiding in the past, because that’s all self-pity is.

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