The following are Art Anderson's
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Forgiveness is the most powerful cure for suffering.  
It's we who are transformed by our forgiveness of others.
Forgiveness dissolves away feelings of bitterness and vengeance
festering in our hearts. It frees the prisoner within us.
After hearing Art's speech on forgiveness, the CEO of a major
international corporation telephoned an ex-business associate
with whom he had refused to speak for over 30 years.

" Forgiveness is the Balm of the Soul "

The two men are now reconciled
and again enjoying each other's camaraderie.
Forgiveness Is the Balm of the Soul

Art Anderson has a deep affection for people suffering from
mental illnesses and for their families.
Bipolar disorder affects about one percent of our population,
yet often goes undiagnosed and untreated.  
High-powered, creative, risk-taking, and hard-driven
executives are sometimes bipolar and don't know it,
as are some mood-prone teenagers.

" The Benefits of Being Bipolar "
Bipolar disorder can be very debilitating. But there is an upside.
Bipolar people are more creative and accomplished than the general population.
Many of the world's greatest artists, authors, composers, and orators are bipolar.
Parents, teachers, ministers, professionals,
and corporate personnel directors need to know
more about bipolar disorder.
Art's presentation emphasizes the benefits of bipolar disorder,
providing information and understanding.

All the happiness or sorrow we will ever experience
is contained in the choices we make each day.
Art Anderson leads his audience to an understanding
that we alone are responsible for how our lives get spent.

" Choice, Decision, Commitment "

We make choices every day and, by so doing,
we automatically choose their consequences, seen or unseen.
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Choice, Decision, Commitment
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Whether CEO, entrepreneur, or college student,
we all have to deal with adversity.

Art Anderson presents the "Triangle of Transformation,"
which provides all the  insights and tools needed
to transform any adversity into a positive advantage.

" Transform Adversity Into Adventure "
is a blueprint for effective living
that can be delivered as a keynote speech or as part of a seminar
directed to every person interested in achieving
a fuller, happier, and more prosperous life.

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We all negotiate every day--at work, at home, in the community.

Art Anderson has negotiated deals amounting to many millions of dollars.
With his background as a professional negotiator and his personal sensitivity as a
minister and spiritual counselor, he can lead you through the steps to achieve
your purposes while respecting the legitimate needs of your counterparts.

Power Negotiating is designed for business executives, diplomats, and lawyers.
Win/Win Negotiating is structured for everyone's daily negotiating needs.

" Power Negotiating "
" Win/Win Negotiating "
Everyone can leave each negotiation feeling fulfilled and respected.
Power Negotiating
Win/Win Negotiating
The Benefits of Being Bipolar
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