"I like listening to Art Anderson.  His talks are clear and
convincing.  They hit their mark and resonate like
skillfully presented evidence at trial."

--Art McGiverin, Chief Justice
Supreme Court of Iowa, retired
"Art was a joy to hear.  His thoughts were well-organized
and his message inspiring.  

He engaged the minds
and won the hearts of us all."

--Gary Bortz, National Director
Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship International
"I've heard Art speak a number of times.  

His talks have changed my life
in some very special and important ways --
and, in turn, have affected other people in my life."

--Margaret Gates
High School science teacher

"I facilitated a series of international conferences
that toured two continents to packed audiences.  

Mr. Art Anderson was selected from the United States
along with scholars and jurists from other countries.  

We were captivated by his charm, his insights,
and his ability to reduce complex material
into bite-size concepts."

--Farrokh Anklesaria, Barrister;
Professor of Law, retired

"I've been to several of Art's talks.  

They motivate you to get out there, make some
important changes, and get things done."

--Patrick Kessel, Insurance Agent,
Member, Million Dollar Club
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"Art has a talent for bringing new insight
into seemingly ordinary events."

--Richard Amelin, M.D.
International acclaim
for Art's speeches
from teachers, doctors,
ministers, attorneys,
and Justices of
Supreme Courts.
"I was especially impressed with Art Anderson's
keynote address. He spoke movingly . . . very
knowledgeably. He was a dynamic speaker."

   --Michael A. Wolff, Chief Justice
   Supreme Court of Missouri
"His talks are not only original and captivating but also
guaranteed to give you new, practical tools to make
your life and work more prosperous."

--John Morrissey, City Attorney
"Mr. Anderson's talks at the various international conferences
we had were original in thought,
inspirational in impact on the audience, and convincing .  

His arguments influenced me in my thinking."

--Mr. Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer
Supreme Court of India, retired
"Art's words cause us to think about things in ways we haven't
thought about them before."

--Rev. Robert Striegel, Pastor
St. Mary of the Visitation (2,000 membership)
"This guy makes you think and motivates you to change.

He's had enough life experience to fill dozens of speeches with
nuggets of hard-earned wisdom."

--Lawrence R. Bigongiari, M.D.