Art Anderson's Enthusiasm
Desire to Help Others
Great People Skills
Appreciation for Others
When Art Anderson
speaks, listeners--even
strangers--report that he is
like a close and caring
friend, trustworthy and
"Never underestimate
your worth."

Art Anderson cares deeply
about people.  

He's grateful for each  
opportunity in which he can
help individuals become:

Truly themselves,
functioning at their highest

Fully appreciative of their
own lives, regardless of
complexity or complications

Ready to meet any obstacle
with complete confidence in
their ability to transform it
into a new opportunity
Art Anderson practices a
lifestyle of appreciative
gratitude for others.

His affection for others  
extends especially to
those most overlooked.
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And Art listens. He is truly
interested in what others
have to say and realizes
that everyone has a story
to tell. He hears and
responds sensitively and
respectfully to all.
He helps people weave
the loose threads of their
lives into a tapestry of
productive habits and
purposeful thinking.