Motivational speeches give you the old rah-rah that
fades away as you return to work and home.
We’ve all experienced that let-down.

Art’s presentations are different. They dig beneath
surface level motivation and touch the
lasting issues in your life.
He  gives you a program to take with you that’s easy to
remember, simple to follow, and rewarding to do.

Inspiration doesn't end when his presentation does.
You carry it with you throughout life, and one-by-one
you transform your adversities into advantages.

From his own personal and professional experience, he
knows that any adversity can be parlayed into an adventure.

Art tells us: "Reality is the raw material for its
own transformation, and adversity can become
anything you choose to make it into."
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"Keep before your eyes a vision of possibilities . . ."
Struggling for years? Stop now
and start living. Don't miss a
minute of life.
"Transform any adversity into lifelong blessings . . ."           
And don't Just Cope!
rt Anderson provides the tools and insights that empower us
to transform any adversity into lifelong streams of blessings.
He wrote the book.
He teaches businesses, schools, organizations and
individuals the secrets to leverage any setback--financial,
physical, marital, or emotional--into steppingstones to success.
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Art Anderson is not just a speaker, he's a communicator.
He creates reciprocity between his audience and himself.
Momentum builds and energy is rapidly exchanged.

"What you put your attention on grows in your life . . . "
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