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Art Anderson provides insights and tools to transform any adversity
into lifelong advantages and enduring prosperity.
" Transform Adversity Into Adventure "

A delightful and provocative presentation that challenges audiences
to shift their perspective, to embrace adversity as their ally,
and to see the world as an out-picturing of who they are.

Art Anderson reveals the hidden dynamics of achievement
and provides well-honed tools that work silently within.

"Every adversity conceals and reveals a lifelong stream of blessings."
" Transform Adversity into Adventure "

A blueprint for effective living that can be delivered as a keynote speech,
or either a full- or
half-day seminar  for any industry or organization,
any conference setting, or any seminar format wherever people are
interested in achieving fuller, happier, and more prosperous lives.

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"Transform Adversity Into Adventure"

Reality is the raw material for its own transformation,
and adversity can become anything

you choose to make it into!
So, how are you?
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" Transform Adversity Into Adventure "

Art's core message is that reality is the raw material for its own transformation,
and adversity can become anything you choose to make it into.

It doesn't matter whether your adversity is personal, physical, emotional,
corporate, marital, or financial--the same principles always apply.

In his presentations, Art introduces his audiences to the

" Triangle of Transformation "

It's a unique concept he uses to explore and clarify the path by which anyone
can transform any setback into steppingstones to success,
any adversity into a lifelong stream of blessings.
You'll learn that the world is as you are, and you'll discover the power
to draw forth a blessing from every bane, a cause to rejoice from every curse,
and an unfulfilled dream from every nightmare.

Art Anderson speaks with passion for his message
and affection for his audience.

Art Anderson knows adversity first hand. At age six,
he suffered a severe brain injury that left him lingering with a complex
seizure disorder, learning disabilities, and social impediments.

As a child and young adult, he faced devastating hardship.

At first he endured it, then tried to overcome it, and finally realized he could
leverage it to his advantage. Through personal resolve and study abroad,
he mastered the secrets for transforming adversity into prosperity.

As a result, Art has held leadership positions in government, taught at
Harvard Law School, made his mark in the courtroom, and is now an
international speaker, an award-winning author, and an ordained minister.

As an attorney and minister, he's taught others to make this transformation,
and he's anxious to pass these secrets on to you.

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