Art Anderson's Perseverance
Community Service
Harvard Law School Faculty
While still an LL.M.
Candidate at Harvard,
Art Anderson  was
appointed to the Harvard
Law Faculty.
At Harvard Law School,
Art Anderson:

Taught seminars on  trial
ethics and tactics

Developed and
administered a
challenging clinical law
program for upper-class
aw students

Assisted in developing  
negotiation course
materials for law

Was faculty advisor to
third-year Harvard Law
students interested in
criminal justice careers
Takes a leadership role in
the Boy Scouts of America
Actively supports
community vocal, visual,
and performing arts
Investigates  toxic wastes in
consumer products
Offers safety advice to small
business owners
Develops programs for
engaged couples to prepare
them emotionally, financially,
and pragmatically for the
challenges and joys of
married life
Is a volunteer Master
Woodland Manager

Art Anderson fights against
environmental pollution

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Art is also a graduate
of the National College
of District Attorneys.

He completed eight years
of Biblical and theological
, leading to his
ordination as a Christian

Art Holds three degrees:

Bachelor of Science in

Doctor of Law

Master of Laws