Art Anderson's Vision
Inspire Action
Recognize Possibilities
" To motivate is
to give a clear
vision of
possibilities, to
enkindle desire,
and to inspire to
action. "
Adversity isn't what
matters.  It's what
you change it into
that counts.

Because reality is the
raw material for its own
transformation, adversity
can become anything we
choose to make it into.

It's folly to fix things
around us without first
changing ourselves.
The cause of our
circumstances is within
us and where the cause
is, there also is the cure.

We can change the
future into what we want
it to be simply by living
our present in a way that
will bring about our

To live an unfulfilled life,
to have not done the
things your heart
beckoned or, worse yet,
to have not heard your
heart beckoning, is one
of life's greatest
It's not enough just
to cope ! !

Believe in yourself. Self
perception is the grain
of sand around which
the pearl is formed.

Start every day anew.
Don't put new wine in
old wineskins or today's
possibilities in
yesterday's failed
expectations. Each day
is made for its own
surprises and

Circumstances yield to a
resolute purpose. Once
you begin to act, keep
moving. Don't get stuck
between stop and go,
yes and no.

Our circumstances are
an out-picturing of who
we are within. Be a
courageous thinker.

The World Is As You Are !
It can be no other way.
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